Women's Cuts

Every great look begins with a professional consultation.  Giving you a brand new style and the knowledge to maintain it is what we're all about

$33 Women's haircut includes:





Blow Dry Style

Haircut with Curling/Flat Iron Finishing: *$45 

Shampoo with a choice of Blow Out, Curling Iron, or Roller Set: *$21

                                                                                                                                 *additional cost for long hair

Men's Cuts

 From Flat Tops to Messy Shags, we've got your style. 

$24 Men's haircut includes:






Beard/Mustache Trimming: $5

"I want my hair red. Not light red, but not too dark a red.  But I wanna see the red...." 

      We have your Red! 

Hair color is very personal. We're confident we can match your vision with our expertise.  Our full line of Artego colors have everything from pale blondes to blue blacks.  With ammonia free color gels, gentle permanent cream hair colors and bleaches, The Look has it all.

Full Color

Whether it's those pesky grey hairs or you desire a whole new look, our all over service has you covered.

          Full Color                           *Short           **Long

          All Over Color                       $55                 $65

 Color Retouch                      $49                 $59

*Short Hair is above the shoulder, **Long Hair below.  Additional fee for lengths below mid back.

Foil Weaving

This method isolates selected strands of hair with color in folds of foil. Highlight, low light, or both to achieve a customized color effect. A Mini Foil  is often concentrated around the face for a 'touch of sun' look or the nape for a 'peek-a-boo' of color.  A Partial Foil covers the area on the crown from ear to ear, and a Full Foil is the entire scalp. Foiling is a great way to experience a subtle color boost, create dazzling contrast, and for the adventurous- shocking special effects.

Foil Weaving        *Short      **Long

  • Mini Foil                       $33                $38

  • Partial Foil                   $45                $55

  • Full Foil                       $65                 $85

  • Additional Colors         $10                $20


Tone on Tone colors offer the best of both worlds.  All-over color with high or low lights in one great service. 

Tone on Tone            *$80            **$99


 Cap Highlight / Low Light is perfect for those with short hair to achieve contrast and movement. *$52

 Specialty Services:

  • Men's Free-Hand

  • Ombre

  • Jewel-Tone Fades

Prices available with free consultation.

*Short Hair is above the shoulder, **Long hair below. Additional fee for lengths below mid back.

Perms are Back! 

We offer basic and designer wraps to give you the firm curls or soft waves that are just right for you. 

  • Perm, Haircut, Style/Set: $88
  • Perm Alone: $55
  • Designer Wrap: $65
  • Spiral Perm: $85
  • Style w/o Haircut: $10.50

additional fee for long hair

In a world of change, Zotos remains a permanent classic...

It's been over 75 years since Zotos revolutionized the beauty industry by introducing the machine-less perm. They have remained at the forefront of all major technological advances ever since.  But, it's our dedication to carefully set each rod that ensures your hair's response to whatever type of curl you                                                                                                                                   desire.  Book a consultation today!

Brows and More!

Eyebrow Arching

Look at the cover of any magazine and you'll see fabulous brows, and not a single one was left up to Mother Nature.  Properly arched brows lift the eyes and bring balance to your features.

Did you know Color is just as important.  Whether you need them brightened to blend with your hair's highlights or toned to give a fuller appearance, brows are our most overlooked asset.

Our Stylists can help you create the right look for you!

  • Color, Arch and Lip Hair: $35
  • Color and Arch: $27
  • Color Alone: $15
  • Arch: $15
  • Arch and Lip: $22
  • Lip Wax: $10
  • Full Face $25

Deep Conditioning Treatments

Revive your dry and over-processed hair with this hydrating service.

                                                               Including: Clay Pac & Malibu Treatments

Hair Mask $25

Free Ear Piercing with any earring purchase. Prices vary.

•Made in U.S.A.                 •316 Surgical Stainless Steel

•Sterilized for Safety         •Safe For Piercing

•Nickel Safe                       •Safe To Wear Everyday

•Allergy Free                       •Guaranteed

Many styles to choose from. Special orders available. 

Special Occasions

Classic formal updos, relaxed cascades of curl... the sky's the limit!  

Schedule your Free Consultation visit  2/3 weeks prior to the event date to discuss ideas.  Our stylists will 'walk you through' your desired look well before the stress of the big day arrives. This is also a great opportunity to practice with your veil and/or hair ornaments.

Special Occasion Styles:

Updos begin at *$65 and include a free, half hour consultation. 

Children's Styles begin at *$45. (ages 13 and younger)

Iron/Set Semi-Formal and Mother-of-Bride looks begin at *25.

*Price is determined at consultation.  Payment is required on consultation day to secure event date.

Children's Hair Care

Kids have a strong opinion about how they want to look.  Anyone who's fought with a four year old wearing a Halloween costume in July will agree.  It's no different with their hair. 

 At The Look, we believe it's just as important that they receive the same attention offered Mom and Dad. We speak kid! When they want the cut like the star in their favorite show, we know what they're talking about.

Now, about that mohawk...?   "Only if Mom says it's okay!"

Kids 12yrs & Younger
  • Shampoo, Cut & Dry             $15
  • Cut & Dry                              $12
        Teens 13yrs - 17yrs
  • Shampoo, Cut & Dry             $18
  • Cut & Dry                               $15