Children's Hair Care 

Kids have a strong opinion about how they want to look.  Anyone who's fought with a four year old wearing a Halloween costume in July will agree.  It's no different with their hair. 

 At The Look, we believe it's just as important that they receive the same attention offered Mom and Dad. We speak kid! When they want the cut like the star in their favorite show, we know what they're talking about.

Now, about that mohawk...?   "Only if Mom says it's okay!"

Kids 12yrs & Younger

Shampoo, Cut & Dry             $15

Cut & Dry                             $12


Teens 13yrs - 17yrs

Shampoo, Cut & Dry             $18

Cut & Dry                              $15

Family Loyalty Program 

For each paid adult haircut, you earn a child's cut priced by their age.  Ask for details.